I find myself 4 years exactly into life in Essex.

I have been fortunate to have met some groovy people in this time. Cacao drinking, gong journeying , crystal bowl chiming, drum banging, chakra dancing and red tent gathering, yoga bending , mind opening souls.

There are many paths up the same mountain.

I love that so many of you are taking the steps on your own paths…..and that we cross paths and smile in knowing in respect and bow to each other on the way. There is no right and no wrong path.

My constant companion on my windy path ….(sometimes I even go back down a bit or stop for a long rest, change my direction ) but my constant companion has been Kundalini Yoga and the teachings of Yogi Bhajan.

I have sufi ground at airports, chanted ra ma da sa on the floor of hospital rooms, tattood Gurmukhi on my body, walked with sa ta na ma , held my little finger at a meeting, chanted akal in the early hours for a friend that has departed, furry and human. Focused on long deep breathing when a teenager has been in full venemous venting. Used Ek ong kar sat prasad to reverse negativity bombarded at me from a neighbour from hell.

Danced, cried with joy  and deep deep belly laughed with my fellow kundalini yogis.  Been in awe of my capabilities and strength. Found my voice. kept up and been kept up.  Met beautiful souls from all over the world , inspirers and motivators , encouragers and nurturers, looked into their sparkling eyes and shiny faces at the end of a class.

In the early hours of the morning after a practice (sadhana) to feel the stillness and peace. Connect to the birds singing and the world waking up. Is now something I truly love. ( instead of being still up from the night before , needing to get home get some sleep, recover….Im now awake truly and  full of energy and serenity)

but most of all ………..

I feel connected.

On my mat alone or in a class .

I feel connected.

My  wish is  to share this technology with you .


Mondays (fortnightly ) Mantra meet up………………………….. 6.30pm

Tuesdays 11.30 am and 6.30pm

Thursdays 9.30am and 7.00pm

476-478 Southchurch RD SS1 2QA

booking is essential as class size limited .

Friday 7th June @ 7.00pm

Free spirit studio,194 Woodgrange Drive, SS1 2SJ

book through the studio.

Soon Sadhana saturdays 5.00am -7.00am

@ The Yoga Factory date TBC.


Come try one class at Sat Nam studio on me.

If you then decide to join us commit to 5 classes and pay a one time discounted payment.

(nb. you book for 5 weeks and if you miss a week you forefit the class)

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I went to Deborah in August 2016 after suffering extreme grief and trauma in my life for the few years leading up.

She picked up on each chakra energy and was absolutely spot on and very precise on exactly what I was going through having never meet me before.

I felt a lot of emotions throughout the treatments but mainly and feeling of calm and peace.

Afterwards I felt much more balanced and managed to make a few big decisions that I hadn’t been able to make leading up to that time.

She is an amazing healer, I love her energy and presence – I would highly recommend Deborah for energy healing and yoga and a lovely person to have a chat with.




Melody Old

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I have known Deborah for more than 10 years, having met her firstly when she attended my Yoga classes. I believe Deborah’s spiritual journey was a driving force and underpinned her work as a therapist. She shortly afterwards left for South Africa to open her own retreat. A couple of years ago upon her return she offered her therapies at Mayura and also taught Kundalini Yoga for a short time. I have had treatments with Deborah, she works intuitively and with experienced sensitivity and has a wide variety of skills and therapies at her disposal with which to treat very individually”

Paula Mayura
Founder of Mayura Yoga Studio and Academy

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Useful links

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Yoga of Awareness

Sat Nam

IMG00961-20131130-1312 A scientific set of exercises (kriyas) that will heal and transform  your nervous and endocrine systems. Raising your energy . So that your bodies , minds and lives flow easier.

All the exercises are doable , there is no holding of traditional yoga asanas. Everyone works with eyes closed so that the focus is internal and you are aware of your own body and work to your ability .

We use beautiful music and mantras to ease the meditation process. Immersing ourselves in sacred sounds.

 “Pranayama” is a major part of yoga and we learn to reconnect to our breath releasing toxins and refueling every cell of our bodies.

All ages are welcome, all levels are welcome. As you work to your ability and gradually you will gain flexibility and strength. The flexibility of the spine greatly influences our aging process. The more flexible the spine is the more youthful…

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Introducing myself….

I work intuitively to restore balance in the body, mind and soul. Using an eclectic mix of massage techniques, pressure point work,energy healing, sound healing, and crystal therapy in a safe, nurturing environment which enables you to reconnect with yourself, releasing emotional and physical blocks that hold you back in life. I have been on a spiritual path for close on 25 years and I am honoured and humbled to be able to facilitate healing for those that come to me. Everyone is different…for some one session is all that is needed, and others prefer an ongoing journey of peeling away the layers. If required EFT (emotional freedom technique)cc Adv. Can be used to compliment any of the above modalities. To enable destructive cellular memories and negative thought forms that are causing stress and unhelpful emotions to be removed and replaced with positive ones.Sessions generally last between 1hr 15min – 2hrs. I see men by referral only, eg brother, boyfriend, husband… I look forward to working with you 🙂
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